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Some things you need to think about

General Introduction

What will my web site consist of? How much will it cost? - The answer to these question is "It all depends on what you require and what your budget allows." We will custom-design your Internet solution to accommodate the unique requirements of your particular organisation. Normally, the cost of a website, consisting of a number of web pages, will be established after the planning process. Our standard charge is 55 per page depending with the size of your site. The cost is subject to the complexity of the site, the graphics that are involved in its development as well as other variables and factors which will surface and be discussed during the planning stage.

An average commercial site can comprise of between 15-20 web pages, while a small organisation will usually require a site with 5-10 web pages. Sites normally contain a Home Page, About Us Page, Contacts Page and Feedback Forms, again this being dictated by the nature of the business and your wishes.

As a standard, our website will include:

Page design & layout
Illustrations, image maps and photographs
Logos, banners and navigation tool bars
Bullets, bars, buttons and backgrounds
Special type styles, fonts and faces
Additional optional design features include:

Animation - image, slide shows, flash, swish, etc.

Online questionnaire / e-form / feedback document, etc.

Visitor monitoring devices, other utilities, etc.

Web page design is a complex combination of HTML language, design, graphic manipulation and marketing. It is not simple, as some would make out. It requires planning and consultation.


Thought about a colour scheme?

We will build you an outstanding site which is aesthetically pleasing, functional, interactive, provides value, is easy to navigate and loads quickly. Your site should be "fresh", so that visitors are compelled to bookmark it and return often to find new and updated content. Images and graphical elements should be integrated to be appealing to the viewer and optimised for fast browser downloading. As all our clients needs vary, each website is quoted on an individual basis.

Site Marketing

Compared to the cost of press advertising and printed promotional materials, running a website gives you excellent value for your hard-earned money. If initially you can only afford to invest in a small website with basic design features, this does not present a problem, as we can incorporate additional pages and features at a later date.

More fascinating, however, is the unique flexibility that comes with marketing your products and services on the World Wide Web. Unlike printed materials, you can change and update the content of your web site whenever you want.

So What Makes A Great Web Site?

These suggestions will help you understand some of the requirements that contribute to a well designed, appealing and successful website. Together they can be used as the basis for a plan of action.

Make Your Visitors Feel Welcome

A successful website is one that makes your visitors feel welcome. By making your site "customer orientated" not "company orientated", you acknowledge the visitor's presence and empower the visitor to willingly participate.

Have A Well Organized Home Page

A home page should not only be your "front door" or "shop window," but should also provide a "table of contents" to your site. It should provide an opportunity for your visitors to become customers by gently guiding them along the sales path.

Make It Easy to Navigate Your Site

Make options available so that your visitors can move easily between pages. Provide an explanation of where the link will take them. Make it easy to explore your site, yet always have access to home and featured pages readily available. Navigation tool bars and other linking icons and graphics should always have text alternatives.

Actively Involve Your Visitors

A successful website actively involves the visitor in meaningful interactive activities. Provide two-way e-mail, forms and other interactive features. Feedback is essential! This also gives the customer a sense of participation and allows them to be part of the process. Link visitors to specific key people in your company, rather than some anonymous "companyname @ wherever". The great appeal of the Internet over most types of media is this unique interactive feature. Use It!

Virtual Communities with Your Customers and Suppliers

Successful websites use community effectively. Be a responsible net citizen and understand the total community of your website. It goes beyond the traditional customer relationship of advertising. Carve out a lead role in that community.


Administration & Maintenance

Maintaining a web site and keeping the content 'fresh' for returning visitors can be a time consuming process. Additionally, as the standards for Internet protocol are continually revised with the increasing advances in technology, it is important to keep abreast of, and be knowledgeable in, these new developments. If you don't want to worry about HTML coding, updates, enhancements, general positioning review and content changes let us administer and take care of your site for you, leaving you free to run your business!

Click here for our basic maintenance fees.
If you need further assistance, please contact us.

Hosting, Servers & Domain Name Registration

Questions & Answers 

Your web site needs to be on a fast web server that is close to the Internet's backbone and connected with large, fast, redundant connections. The servers should be reliable with a minimum of down time for repair and maintenance, and operational at an optimum level 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The web server should be accessible for updates and changes to the sites content anytime of the day or week and expert technical assistance should be readily available should the need arise. We have close alliances with reliable, professional hosting and service providers that meet the above test. We can recommend one of these providers and deal directly with them to get you on-line fast.

Basic services offered by a service provider should include the following:

  1. Internet Dial-Up Accounts (separate from the hosting services).

  2. Secured Server

  3. Email accounts

  4. Various hosting packages geared to your specific needs

Statistics should be available to assist your company track online trends and develop future marketing strategies. These can include (but are not limited to):

  1. the number of visitors,

  2. their origin,

  3. the time of day they visited,

  4. and which pages were visited.

If you are unsure about what is meant by a domain name, we have provided answers to some of the more commonly asked questions click here.

Promoting & Positioning

Having a web site is not enough. It is important to continually promote your site to reach your selected target audience and the growing millions of online users worldwide who use a varying degree of Internet search tools. As the Internet grows and more websites are available, how your site can be found becomes the most important aspect.

In our approach we:

  1. Develop keywords and descriptions in consultation with you, the client.

  2. Keep the highest level of communication with you, the client.

  3. Ensure we are results oriented – your money will be well spent.

For our clients' websites we offer FREE first-time generic submission to the five major Internet search engines & directories. Advanced promotional programs such as site promotion, doorway page development, banner ads, reciprocal links, search engine positioning, position monitoring, site positioning enhancement and upgrade, etc. are also available. Please contact us for more information


Some things you need to think about:

The Purpose of your website - normally it will be to tell the world who you are, where you are and what you do. but unless it is a general interest site you will have specific themes that you will wish to emphasise - think about these.

Your potential audience - this will depend on its purpose, friends and family, the business community or people with the same interests. There are also some technical issues. Not all of your visitors will have the high speed access provided by broad band nor will they all use the same screen resolutions on their monitors

Design issues - you should think about the image you wish to create which ought to reflect your business or organisation.

Keep it simple
make it easy to read
leave plenty of "white space" - not necessarily white - it gives the site a more professional look and feel
use photographs sparingly - they make pages longer to down load
some moving graphics can make the site more interesting but to many detract from the important stuff

Web design,websites,small business,schools,Emsworth,Hampshire,UK,chichester,west sussex,havant

Web design,websites,small business,schools,Emsworth,Hampshire,UK,chichester,west sussex,havant

Web site designer specialising in producing inexpensive and effective websites for small businesses, schools and community org